Feeling a little on Edge? Here are 2 easy ways to feel balanced fast!

We all feel a bit off sometimes, and it typically comes from out of no where!  Here are 2 simple ideas to get the pep back in your step!  Or you could just look at the hedge hog – he makes me smile inside every time (or maybe not if you don’t like hedge hogs).  There’s a lot of words, but I promise that doing the task itself is simple!  These two tricks are brought to you by my doctor and one of my favorite books.  Read on and bring on relaxation…


FLIPPED PUZZLE–  Grab a Word Find puzzle (not a cross word & large print is better for this), a pen of course & find a quiet place to park yourself for at least 5-10 minutes & maybe some hot tea.  This is hard sometimes I know, but what’s the point in moving on in a state of wanting to pull your hair out or someone else’s!

NOW for the flip part…do not use your dominant hand.  If you write with your right hand, hold the pen with your left hand and start finding those pesky words!  This is not about perfection!  Don’t throw the book across the room if your circles are not perfect! This is about using a different part of your brain and snapping it out of whatever spiral it was going down (big or small).  This is a great exercise for memory as well.  So relax, breathe, finish your puzzle and then see how you feel!  Give it a couple of tries.  I’m hooked!

TIP: stock up on puzzle books at the Dollar Store ($1 vs $5) & keep a book to grab when you need it!  In the car, office, nightstand, liquor cabinet, you get the idea.


BODY SQUEEZE 4 – This is easy, effective and can be done anywhere!  Simply sit in a comfortable chair or lay down someplace quite if possible.  Find your happy place.  Find your breath (listen to your breathing, feel your heartbeat, or focus on the belly area).  Start with your toes and squeeze as hard as you can comfortably and hold for 4 seconds (breathe normally/deeply or hold breath for 4 seconds as well).

While squeezing, it’s important to focus your thought on your breath and the body part.  Nothing else.  This takes practice, so just go with the flow.  Even a little goes a long way.  Move from your toes up to your calves – squeeze 4 seconds & release still maintaining even breath.  Move up to your knees, booty, hips, stomach, hands, shoulder blades, shoulders, neck and face.   Don’t go crazy on the squeezing now, but I will say the harder I can, the better results I have.

TIP:  If you have a favorite candle or spray – use it!  It aids areas of the brain to calm down & focus.  Picture your worries and frustrations leaving your body when you release the squeeze.  SHORT ON TIME? Focus on your toes, hands, jaw and face.  Happy squeezing!!


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