DIY- the “HUNT” for creative sanity.

Whenever I’m experiencing one of my more anxiety packed days, a skill I’ve finally learned is to “go to my creative side”.  Doing something creative really aids the brain to operate in a different way.  It puts your focus on something you can create and control, which is what you feel you totally lack when dealing with any type of anxiety (same for stress although it’s different).  This is when I start baking or I start my “hunt” through my home for things no longer needed or used.  I just start hunting – no putting it off!  That’s the trick.  No time for planning or shopping; no thinking – just doing.

A couple of weeks ago a hunt ensued, and that is when I spotted it.  Ahh, yes…I knew it was there.  It had been bugging me for months (literally).  Sitting there, not being used, collecting dust.  Staring down at me from the top of my refrigerator where it had moved from a full cabinet and then to a shelf for an attempt to become used – but to no avail.  My ever so cute, cream IKEA kitchen colander.  Ignored, lonely and in desperate need of love.  BINGO!  My hunt was over, and my colander and I were about to be friends once again.

I have made it a point to have fun during these hunts.  Ironically, I start them coming from a place that is not good (sometimes severe), but when I’m finished I end up with something new and useful.  Nice how that works out!  The hunt continued, not knowing what I was going to do exactly – until I spotted a bunch of rocks I purchased to go in a planter (I killed the plant, so now there were just rocks).  And then POOF!  The idea was born, the colander was saved, and I was fetching candles.  I needed something for my new meditation practice, and then it was right in front of me.  My kitchen colander was now transformed into a very pretty, and traquil spa-like candle holder!  I think it turned out really nice, and I have used it almost every day since.  I pick it up by the handles and move it to wherever I’m trying to relax in my home.  I love my hunts now.  Whenever I see my little projects it reminds me about the power of creation, and how healing it truly is… no matter big or small.  Have an extra colander sitting around?  I bet you do!  Try it out!  Paint it!  Dress it up!  Let me see how it turns out!


DIY Traquil Colander candle decor


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