Want to set a NEW GOAL? Do THIS ‘lil process to ramp up your success!!

I’ve started back to college recently, and one of my first research papers was on goal setting!  Needless to say I spent hours going through journals and books digging for best practices to keep & achieve a goal!  In the end I got a really good grade on my paper, and learned a TON about goal setting in the process.  There is something I came up with that I wanted to share that incorporates a hodge-podge of things I narrowed down from my studies.  Here’s a breakdown in 3 easy to remember steps…that work!


It is a FACT that 48% of those that write their goals down – achieve them!  Yes!  It’s true…just write em down!  You can’t skip this step, as simple as it may seem!


Your goal must have a true, meaningful purpose or simply don’t waste your time.  There’s a TON of proof on this believe me.  Find a quiet place & really ask yourself some deep/tough questions.  DREAM AWAY!  HAVE FUN!  If you do not feel energized & truly engaged with your idea, it’s probably something you won’t stick with.


The second biggest mistake that people make (not writing things down is #1) regarding goal setting is making them too vague or too big (unattainable).  To start out, break your big goal into little ones.  LITTLE.  Itty bitty.  This is very important.  You want to picture a staircase if you will.  Each time you complete your little goal (every day), you visually see yourself stepping up to the next step on the staircase… all the while seeing your ultimate goal shining down at you from the top.  And little by little you get closer…and closer.  Then BAM!  You are where you aimed to be!

READY?  Here’s what ya do!

IMG_6733 (3)

Grab a pen.  Grab an index card (get mine anywhere).  Start writing your goals on one line at a time!  If it’s one great!  If it’s five (like mine)- that works too!

NOW!  Flip your card over and write down exactly why you started these goals in the first place.  Or maybe a favorite quote that gives you a push when you need it later.  OR!  Something that really hits you in the gut when you are slacking in any way to get you moving in the right direction again!  Look at this often, and when/if you hit a snag.  It works! 🙂

PLACE your card in a good spot that you KNOW you will see multiple times a day.  I keep mine under my alarm clock so I can look at it when I get up and before I go to bed.  It has been working like a charm!  Truly!  I have never had a process work as good- keepin it very simple just like the experts suggested.

My card is on its second month, and it’s been looked at (and flipped) every day.  I’m getting ready to fill out my next one, because what I had on this card is now habit and I don’t even have to think about them anymore.  On to the next!

What do you think?  Have any goals you want to set?  Think this might help you get there?  Give it a try- I would love to know what you think!!  Here’s to getting where we want to go!  🙂







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