Why Jane Eats Cake is a lifestyle blog with “bite-sized” tips and tricks to make your day the best it can be!  I hit all the basics to get through a busy day and stay sane!  You will find slices of personal stories with triumphs & failures, a well rounded platform for mental health & well being…all the way to home organization, beauty/self care, easy & quick DIYs, the best books, and YES! healthy (& not so healthy) recipes for anything that comes close to being a cake or looking like one!  This blog has the sole purpose of being the “icing” on your good (or not so good) day!

About me:  I’m a 40 something mid-west woman in transition!  My kids are older, I’m older, I’ve started college and traded in the mini-van!  If that’s not entering a new phase, I don’t know what is!  I figure there are plenty of places to go on the web that are perfectly perfect, but my aim is to share a bit more of what’s real.  It was important for me to have a platform for this blog to go along with all the other fun day-to-day things we gals love to share.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing my opinion, giving advice, and posting quotes & DIY’s like the best of ’em- and you will find all that here.  However…

I have struggled with an anxiety disorder pretty much all my life, that seems to be becoming more complex with age.  I have been told by doctors that aging/changing hormones do not exactly aid the brain with this issue either – Ugh!  This in turn has made me do a lot of research on the topics of anxiety, stress, depression, hormones and general health in women.  I’m obviously not a doctor, but I have found good tips on how to maintenance various symptoms.  Believe me, everyday is a learning curve… so I’m no expert.  I do want to do my part in starting a dialogue knowing that there are thousands of women struggling with these issues (big or small).

So!  I wanted to create a space for myself and others to vent, share tips/stories, or just simply know we are not alone.  I have seen the topic of mental illness (as a whole) being brought to light a lot more recently.  It allowed me to have more confidence in including this topic on my site.  We should be talking about it!  There has been a stigma put on women- that if we admit to something like mental illness/disorder… we are broken, not good enough, or too much work.  This is my way of saying to myself and others out there, that it’s simply not the case.  A huge part of me believes that if we could be more open and empowered about our inner most core, we would be in a place of healing and balance more often.

I also look forward to learning from those who feel comfortable sharing!  So please do!!!